Switch the Play Foundation’s TEAMmate service - The initial triage
service is independent, confidential and staffed by mental health
and sports professionals.

Following the initial assessment, non-league players will have access to specialist mental health professionals, where recommended. All players remain supported by receiving an action plan and follow-up call.


Through Switch the Play Foundation’s Switched On Inspires platform,
we present a dedicated personal development channel that helps
the players plan for life outside of, and after, football.

Providing balance and perspective will assist the person holistically, not just the athlete, to thrive in all aspects of their lives.


Our MasterClasses focus on a collective approach to mental wellness
and build a supervised peer support community.

Half Turn's proactive approach helps to address the specific needs of the club, prepare teams for the challenges ahead and ensure that players’ mental health will be nurtured in the right environment.


Non-league footballers have more than just their performance on the pitch to worry about.

Half Turn provides sports psychology and Specialised Counselling Support to give the players the tools to improve their mentality and help perform at their optimal level.

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